Adele's 10 Week Weight Loss Program

With over 30 years experience and knowledge of health and nutrition in the fitness industry, Adele will guide you through a 10 week weight loss plan, customised to suit your lifestyle. 
Adele knows that exercise is alone is not enough to acheive weight loss.  She will gradually re-educate the way you think about food. 
Using healthy food and good nutrition to not only lose weight but to feel energised and prevent 'brain fog'. Most people feel overwhelmed with the information available and the mixed messages of what to eat and what not to eat.  Adele keeps it simple and the small changes add up to great results.

Based on low sugar, food from it's natural source, low/no grain, low dairy.  

During the intitial consultation with Adele, a food plan is discussed, measurements, weight and photos recorded.  

Committing to 10 weeks, visiting Adele weekly for a personal, one on one consultation and weigh in to discuss the plan for the week keeps clients on track. 

Initial Consultation 45mins - 1 hour - $70 
Follow up appointmnets - 30 mins - $45 

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Email: or TEXT Adele: 0424 698468

Adele presenting at Rancan Sisters Fitness 1 Day Wellness Retreat

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