DAY THREE #5kmaday Challenge.
SPRING FITNESS TIPS - 30 days of our favourite fitness tips.
If you think you can complete our 5km a day challenge in your old running shoes which are 1 - 2 years old and feel like a pair of old slippers, then your ankles/knees/hips/lower back MAY tell you something different in a few weeks time.
When was the last time you purchased a new pair of running shoes?
A professionally fitted, new pair of running shoes will not only put a spring in your step but can prevent overuse injuries, like tendonitis and stress fractures. Purchasing the right running shoe is not as simple as ordinary shoe shopping, where you try one on, take a few steps, and make your decision. Running shoes are shock absorbing, biomechanical adjusters. They have to withstand the rigors of running on various surfaces, for hundreds of kilometers, and continue to support your foot and full body weight. A good running shoe can compensate for biomechanical issues, like overpronation and oversupination. It fits not just your foot, but your weight. And it accommodates your running style and terrain preference. Choosing the right running shoe requires careful fitting in order to avoid becoming one of the injury statistics. Specialised running shoe stores are the best for advice and fitting.

What to do with the old shoes? Donate your old shoes to charities such as Shoes for Planet Earth.

Squeeze some life out of the old ones, and if they're not too old, save them for the rainy days.
Lace them with the runner's lace technique to create more support around the ankle. See photo below.

If you have any of these issues with running shoes then use these lace techniques

For some athletes, the most important equipment is protective gear, but runners have to put their feet first. Replacing worn-out shoes is essential to maintaining a healthy body.

Every year, about 60 percent of runners sustain a running-related injury. And the most common cause of these problems is a poorly fitted running shoe.


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