What is the most common New Year's Resolution?
Resolving to get fit and healthy is the top of the list for most people's new year's resolution. 
Some of us require a definite start time to commit to a healthy lifestyle. Our philosophy is to make your overall living fit and healthy, rein yourself in when life gets out of control, that way you won't be facing every new year thinking this is the one! This is the year I'm getting fit.
Realistically, an Aussie New Year should commence on February 1st.  There is so much to celebrate in January.  Firstly, it's summer and if you have children, they're are on holidays. There is no routine and food and alcohol are a plenty.

Start with small changes.

You are more likely to quit if you go too hard, too fast.  Make monthly goals which are realistic. 
Begin with a very strong message in your mind about what you'd like to achieve.  Talk to yourself in a positive language.  We always say, if you wouldn't say it to your friend, don't say it to yourself. Self defeating sentences like "look at how fat I am" "my thighs are so big" "I can never walk as fast as my friends" "I can't give up my chocolate" undermine your goal to be as fit and healthy as you can be.  It has been proven that you create what you say to yourself.

Does a detox have to be a special program?
Absolutely not. We have a quick, low cost detox tips to make you feel energised.
1.  Start the day with lemon juice in a big glass of water (alkaline water is availalbe to purchase but we just use straight tap water)
2. Use Apple Cider Vinegar in your water - 1 teaspoon, 3 x per day or use it over a salad dressing. There are too many benefits to list here including the bonus of weight loss.
3. Psyllium Husks - 1 tablespoon in your smoothie, over cereal or in a big glass of water.  Recommended by many dieticians and naturopaths as a daily routine for a healthy bowel. It literally acts like a big internal scrubbing brush, collecting everything along the way out.
4. Sweat - your body eliminates toxins through sweat.  Add cardio to your workouts.  We offer spin combo classes with H.I.I.T. purely to get our clients to sweat.
5. It goes without saying that fresh fruit and vegetables with lean protein is the clean eating program you should be on for most of the time.
6. Sleep - get enough quality sleep - at least 7-8 hours.  Cells rejuvenate while you sleep.  If you struggle with sleep then practice meditation to quieten your mind.
7. Reduce or cut out Alcohol, Caffeine, Sugar, Wheat, dairy and if you're asking yourself what is there to eat, then you probably need to have a good look at your lifestyle and food you consume.
8. If you have a 'blow out' day by overindulging use the intermittent fasting method.  Stop eating at 6pm, sleep, wake up and start eating at 10am the next morning - this will give you a 16 hour fast - drink water/lemon in water/herbal teas whilst your fasting. Your liver is more efficient at ridding the body of toxins if it is rested.
9. Keep a food diary - an App on your phone e.g. My Fitness Pal will record your exercise and food.
Or check in with a health professional on a weekly basis.  Adele is available for weekly weigh ins 10 weeks/$250 30 min consultation. 
10. Write down these tips and stick them up somewhere you can see on a daily basis.

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