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Sunday 29th October Mosman Council 
Pet's Day Out 2023
10.00am Village Green, Mosman 

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What is Doga?
Doga is an outdoor yoga practice with your dog.  It is a session which allows you to be 100% present and 100% engaged with your dog.  If you observe owners walking their dog, you will notice they are either on their phones, in conversation with other people or sitting down while their dog runs around the leash free dog park. Like children, dogs want your attention, they know when you are distracted.
Just like humans, dogs can suffer from anxiety, depression and stress. Yoga with your dog can be used to calm and settle anxious pets. Dogs read your body language. A calming yoga session incorporating breathing techniques will in turn relax your dog. Dogs can also suffer from stiff and sore joints & back pain.  Massage trigger points can release tight muscles.  Stretches for your dog will loosen stiff joints and increase sinovial fluid (lubricating fluid) in the joint itself. 
The session begins with direct massage and stretching techniques for your dog, progressing to yoga postures that will involve your dog.  Smaller dogs can be held for some yoga poses, larger dogs will remain in contact with you by touch. 
Remember a calm relaxed human equals a calm relaxed dog.
No yoga experience required. 
45 minute Doga session.  

What is the duration of the session?
We ask you to arrive 15mins prior to the start of the session, so your dog can become aquainted with the surroundings. 
The session will last 45mins. 

How do I keep my dog with me?
Once you are set up in your spot with your Doga mat, you can tether the lead of your dog to a weight that will be supplied to prevent your dog from wandering off. 

What do I wear? 
Wear comfortable clothing that you can stretch in.  For example leggings and a t-shirt.

Did you know?
Doga is practiced in Japan as a healing technique for dogs with illnesses. 

Will my dog enjoy Doga?
Yes, your dog will have fun that's for sure! 

Plese email if you would like information about upcoming DOGA sessions                    

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