Have you ever thought about why you are putting all the effort into daily workouts? Read on to find out why you are.
This list is worth printing off, pinning up on your wall as a constant reminder.
A 30-minute walk every day can do more for your long-term health than all the efforts of a dozen doctors and their medication.
Exercise can make you look great – younger, fitter and thinner. Who needs any more convincing?
1. It's good for your heart
2. Exercise promotes weight loss
3. Exercise prevents osteoporosis
4. Exercise lowers high blood pressure
5. Exercise is an excellent de-stressor
6. Exercise prevents colds
7. Exercise reduces the severity of asthma
8. Exercise reduces diabetic complications
9. Exercise promotes a healthy pregnancy
10. Exercise plays a role in preventing cancer
11. Exercise has anti-ageing effects
12. Exercise promotes brain health
13. Exercise is great for your sex life
14. Exercise improves sleeping patterns
15. Exercise combats impotence
16. Exercise helps prevent stroke
17. Exercise is good for mind and soul
18. Exercise improves oxygen and nutrient supply to all cells in your body.
19. Exercise allows you to improve muscle strength, joint structure and joint function.
20. Exercise helps to manage arthritis

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