This is what we do now at Rancan Sisters Fitness but we are always asked "Where did it all begin?"
So we take you back to where it all began with a brief history about us.

We are proud to say we are the most experienced in the business. For 39 years we have been educating and sharing our passion of health and fitness. We are dedicated to helping everyone achieve their most optiumum health. For us, health and fitness has to be fun otherwise you won't go back for more. 

In 1981 we opened our very first aerobics studio in Cremorne called the Cremorne Aerobics Studio located where the Orpheum Theatre is today. Aerobics was so new to Australia the enquiries we had were what is an aerobatics studio doing in Cremorne.  We were 18 years old with a background in dance and Sport and Recreation Course at Macquarie University.  This was before the first fitness courses for instructors had begun.  We relied on training from a Canadian aerobics instructor for the format of the classes.  We loved the style immediately, it was a combination of jazz dance and fitness exercises to the latest music. We now hold numerous fitness certifications: Cert. III, Cert. IV Personal Training, A.C.E., American Council for Exercise, A.F.A.A. Aerobic Fitness Association of American, N.S.W. Uni Ex Phys., Pilates Cert. Pilates Institute of Australasia, Power Living Yoga Cert., Yoga Fit U.S.A. FiTViBE Vibration Plate Cert., Power Plate Cert. N.S.W. & U.S.A but nothing can compare to years and years of experience.

Our business grew so quickly and our classes were becoming the latest craze. We moved to larger premises in Neutral Bay. The fitness boom was taking off and we added gym equipment for circuit training, weight lifting and cardio equipment.  We imported our own equipment for the USA which meant we were always the first to have the latest which added to our popularity.  Celebrities used our gym as their choice of place to workout which included Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise! 

We ourselves were fitness celebrities as we appeared every day on Channel 10's Good Morning Australia where we livened up the breakfast program with our aerobics routines to music in the latest gym gear which included g-string leotards.  Our media appearances broadened to include radio and magazines. We launched our own fitness videos, including a Step workout video - again, we were the first in Australia to introduce step aerobics.
We opened our gymwear shop in Neutral Bay - 'Gymwear Hits The Streets' with regular fashion parades in gymwear.  We were the first to stock Lorna Jane when she had just started out. 

We've seen it all in terms of diet and exercise fads.  Way back in 1981 we were constantly asked if aerobics was just a fad.  We were seeing first hand the benefits of a regular fitness regime in all our clients way back then and knew it was here to stay. Today, we have perfected a diet and fitness plan that really works and gets results. 
We understand the demands of a busy lifestyle - (Adele ) I'm a wife and mother of two teenage children, and know how it feels to get your body back after childbirth and how hectic life can be trying to maintain the balance and demands of a family, and Lisa has been through her own ups and downs and is now in a happy, steady relationship and also knows the stresses of juggling family, partner and business.  Plus on top of all that we can now say we also have remedies on how to handle hormonal changes! haha
Our years of experience really allows us to empathise with all our clients. 

When I (Adele) moved back after a stint in Los Angeles, the location of Headland Park, Mosman was coming up for prospective tenants. You know when you just know that you've found the perfect location.  This was it, the beautiful location at the newly reclaimed Harbour Trust land right in Mosman.

The location allowed us to realise our vision of a studio which did not feel like the typical gym environment but more wellness which incorporates health and fitness from all angles.  We have access to the scenic harbour bushtracks Balmoral Beach where we conduct our Yoga Kayak session which is always a sell out and the opportunity to create fitness programs and fitness events which extend out to the community. Our studio is unique in that it must be the only dog friendly gym - we are lucky to be on a ground level with a beautiful deck that opens out to a view. Our clients bring their dogs who wait patiently for the hour while their owner works out usually within sight. The first comment about our studio is wow, what a beautiful location and your studio feels like I'm in a 5 star luxury resort.  We aim to treat every client like a 5 star guest. Our pristine studios with the fragrance of lemongrass, natural light and fresh air from the ocean (a/c during hot summer days) is where we ourselves would want to workout. 

There continue to be many 'firsts' of which we are proud.  We were the first in Australia to run group athletic Pilates Reformer sessions, the first to teach Barre classes, the first with Power Plate and Power Plate 27min express sessions, the first to combine Pilates & Spin bike workouts, the first to combine Barre & Spin workouts, the first to combine Yoga and Kayaking for our Yoga/Kayak at Balmoral Beach, the first to run Doga classes - yoga with your dog, the first to run Fitness Challenges e.g. our 5km a day Challenge events and you will be sure to find many more.

Our journey and education continues and our passion and belief that fitness should be an integral part of peoples lives as a prevention of so many diseases and improve your state of mental health continues to be our motto. 

We are the twins of the Rancan Sisters, originally there were three of us and we did look like triplets. As with all great partnerships there comes a time where you make decisions to follow your own passions and so it's us, the twins, who have continued on the fitness path. The video below is the one we released from 'The Vault' or 'Time Machine' when we were invited to speak at the 2016 International Women's Day Breakfast. It might bring back some memories for those who started exercising with us way back in the '80's. 

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