BARRE CLASSES resume live at Mosman Dance Academy for fully vaxxed
Tuesday 8.30am and Friday 8.30am
Go to TIMETABLE page on this website and click the class and time 
LIVE CLASSES: $25 single visit/$225 10 pack
ONLINE via ZOOM: $15 single class/$125 10 pack

Adele Rancan is a highly qualified Barre teacher having taught the first classes based on the original barre method.

Barre will improve posture and lift muscle in areas that other workouts miss. Barre Workout by Rancan Sisters Fitness has featured in ULTRA FIT magazine, Spectrum Sydney Morning Herald. Being the first to introduce Barre to Australia, Rancan Sisters has perfected a routine that will result in a body that is lean with muscle definition just like a dancer's body.  The session focuses on posture, alignment and strengthening. You will walk out of the class feeling tall, toned and worked out! The class burns 300+ calories. At Studio 2 you will use the fixed ballet barre which offers a variety of barre moves. Looks are deceptive, what seems like an easy stretch and tone class is really a tough workout, precision with body form is observed and corrected. It's addictive. 

The Barre Workout is a 60 minute whole body workout focusing on bottom, legs, inner and outer thighs and arms and abdominals. Using handweights for upper body sculpting, stretching straps for flexibility and pilates ball for extreme toning.  It has taken the USA by storm as one of the newest workouts getting results for celebrities; Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Kyra Sedgwick, Denise Richards, Julia Ormond, Tori Spelling, Cynthia Nixon to name a few.

BYO yoga mat. 

Book your class using or text Adele 0424 698468 with your class and time - Tap & Go credit card payment available at class.

Studio 2

8.30am Barre Studio 1 MDA

8.30am Barre Studio 1 MDA

CLICK HERE FOR LINK TO Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum article by Paula Goodyer

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