Adele & Lisa Rancan are Lululemon Ambassadors.
Adele & Lisa first discovered the Lululemon range of workout gear in the U.S. and were excited to see it finally come to Australia.
They have been largely responsible for introducing the Lululemon name to Mosman and have featured the clothes in many magazine articles and television interviews.
They love the fabric, style and comfort.
"We have tried and tested many, many, many labels and Lululemon always comes out on top. Lululemon is more than a range of clothes, we love the philosophy, the sense of community and energy of the the brand.
Lisa and Adele wearing the new season colours available from Lululemon Mosman

More Lululemon outfits from Lululemon Mosman - the latest running gear for us to road test. A perfect day outside Rancan Sisters Fitness Headland Park Mosman studio - harbour views and fresh air to trial the RUN IN THE SUN range - this gear has Ultraviolet Protection.

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